Can you add a new coin? Vote your Coin

We have a very open approach to adding coins. The most important factor for us is the demand. We feel that any coin that people want to trade, they should be able to in a safe and reliable environment. That is what we provide at BetaShareX.

We add new coins on our markets based on three main factors: higher number of votes, paid votes, personal choice. 

Please cast your vote for those coins you would like to see up for trade on BetaShareX. We accept votes only from users with at least 1 trade. If you still have not joined BetaShareX we invite you to do so by registering!

BetaShareX also welcomes paid votes. As a user you can express your confidence in an emerging coin by offering 0,00005 BTC for each additional vote. Not only will this system promote the most viable and attractive coins, but will also help us advance BetaShareX's platform. All paid-for votes will be easily accessible by public at blockchain link.

We add 6 new forks each Sunday. The first 2 voted coins and 3 at our choice. Forks with more than 5 BTC paid votes would be added instantly in a max time of 12 hours.

In order to sustain fairness, BetaShareX's team will monitor all bot activity. If a coin accumulates votes with bots, this coin will temporarily be removed from our exchange platform. Please mind, that by using bots, you might be harming the cryptocurrency!

Voting process is an integral part of adding coins to BetaShareX. However, some cryptocoins will be added based on the sole discretion of BetaShareX's team.

If you wish to add your coin to the voting list, you can submit a request by hitting the link on the right. As soon as we verify the request, the coin will be added to the list.